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Statement from Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the United Kingdom’s formal notice to leave the EU

29 March 2017 | German Emabssy London
Sigmar Gabriel

Following the United Kingdom’s formal notice to leave the European Union, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that the United Kingdom and the EU needed one another and should therefore do everything to ensure good and friendly relations in future. German Ambassador Peter Ammon said: "We will stay friends".

EU27: Europe is our common future

27 March 2017 | German Embassy London
EU leaders at the ceremony marking the EU's 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

On 25 March, heads of state or government of the EU27 marked the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties by signing a joint declaration on the future of the European Union. Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU27 wanted a Europe that was safe, secure, economically strong and social.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier sworn in as 12th President of the Federal Republic of Germany

23 March 2017 | German Embassy London
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Frank-Walter Steinmeier was sworn in as 12th President of the Federal Republic of Germany during a ceremony in the Bundestag on 22 March. In his maiden speech, Steinmeier called upon Germans to defend democracy during a time when it was contested across the world.

Germany deeply shocked by attack in London

22 March 2017 | German Embassy London
Brandenburg Gate lights up in the British colours

The German public and German politicians are deeply shocked by yesterday's attack in London. Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke by phone to Prime Minister Theresa May in the evening to convey her sympathies and express Germany's solidarity with the UK. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his shock at the "murderous attack", and that "in these hours, the German people feel particularly close to the British". Ambassador Ammon attended the candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square on 23 March.

Merkel at CeBIT opening: We must awaken enthusiasm for digitalisation

21 March 2017 | German Embassy London
Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the CeBIT 2017 opening

On 20 March, Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the CeBIT, the world's leading ICT fair, together with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Merkel called upon politicians and industy to forge ahead with digitalisation to the benefit of all whilst acknowledging that in view of the pace of digital change, many people were uncertain. Encouraging these people to embrace the new era was thus an important task for politicians and industry.

Germany pledges €1m to support UN investigation & criminal prosecution of serious crimes commited in Syria

16 March 2017 | German Embassy London
Sigmar Gabriel and Antonio Guterres

The horrendous conflict in Syria has raged for six years with no end in sight. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has pledged 1 million Euros to the United Nations in order to support their investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the most serious crimes under International Law committed in Syria.

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue to focus on implementation of Paris Climate Agreement

13 March 2017 | German Embassy London

Every spring the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue brings together key international decision makers in foreign energy and energy policy, industry, science and civil society as well as foremost energy experts from all over the world. This year, the dialogue takes place from 20-21 March.

Merkel: EU unique instrument for peace

10 March 2017 | Federal Government
Chancellor Merkel during a press conference following the European Union (EU) Leaders Summit in Brussels on 10 March

Chancellor Merkel has praised the EU, which she described as a "unique instrument for peace". In the run-up to the anniversary summit at the end of March, the EU intends to "demonstrate its unity" said Angela Merkel in Brussels, where the 27 remaining EU member states have discussed the future of the Union.

Merkel calls for an open and strong Europe in government statement ahead of EU28 summit

10 March 2017 | Federal Government
German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Bundestag

Addressing the Bundestag prior to the EU28 summit on 9 March, Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an open and strong Europe saying that with a view to trade policy, Europe must never shut itself off or erect barriers. Merkel also called for the EU to take on more responsibility in the field of security and her upcoming meeting with President Trump.

New Concert Hall Inaugurated at Barenboim-Said Academy Berlin

8 March 2017 | German Embassy London
Pierre Boulez Concert Hall Inauguration

An inauguration concert for the Pierre Boulez concert hall, in the Barenboim-Said Academy was held on Saturday, 04 March in the presence of Federal President Joachim Gauck. The academy opened its doors for 90 young students from the Middle East—invited on scholarship— last December.

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