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1 September 2015
Germany: very fast broadband for all by 2018

Germany: super fast broadband for all by 2018

Germany is pushing ahead with the extension of its broadband network. By 2018, all of Germany is to have internet speed of at least 50 megabit per second, German Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt said.

To achieve this, Dobrindt launched the first federal German development programme for the extension of broadband. In total €2.7 billion will be made available for this programme.

The programme is aimed at providing highly efficient broadband networks in regions where it is unlikely that private companies will extend their networks in the coming three years. The communities will have to initiate the extension of their network and will coordinate the projects locally.

Two models will be available for communities who want to make use of this programme.

  • The so-called “Wirtschaftlichkeitslückenmodell” allows communities to close the gap in the market left by telecommunication companies who deem the area economically unattractive.
  • The “Betreibermodell” allows communities to provide passive infrastructure, such as fibre optic cables, which they can then lease out to communication companies.
  • A combination of both models is also possible.

The German Federation will contribute up to 50 percent of the costs. A combination with development programmes provided by German states is possible and can offer a further 40 percent of financing. The community would then have to provide the remaining 10 percent.

Dobrindt said that communities can receive up to €10 million per project.

Already today about 70 percent of households in Germany have access to internet with more than 50 megabit per second. That is up 7 percent compared with the previous year.

More information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (in German):

Dobrindt fördert Kommunen mit Milliarden-Programm für den Breitbandausbau

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