Merkel: Clear focus on EU27

23 June 2017
Chancellor Merkel and President of the European Council Tusk at the European Council

European Council June 2017

The future of the EU27 has priority over the Brexit negotiations, Chancellor Merkel said at the European Council. That is why on the first day of the meeting security, combating terrorism and the permanent structured cooperation on defence were at the top of the agenda.

In order to fight terrorism more efficiently EU leaders aim to analyse the technology needed to track the communication of terrorists, Chancellor Merkel said during the press conference at the end of day one.

EU leaders have also agreed on more intense cooperation in tackling online radicalisation and information sharing, Merkel continued.

EU leaders have emphatically reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement: “The Agreement remains a corner stone for global efforts to effectively tackle climate change, and cannot be renegotiated”. The EU aims to extend cooperation especially with the countries that are most at risk.

Regarding the offer on the status of EU citizens in the UK following Brexit, Merkel said that it was a good start, but of course a lot of other questions remained, such as finances or the relationship with Ireland.

It had been an exciting and very optimistic meeting, Merkel concluded.

European Council Conclusions

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