Bristol and Hanover celebrate 70 years of partnership and friendship

11 May 2017

Cities have been twinned since 1947

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of Bristol and Hanover's town-twinning. What began in 1947 as a good-will mission to Hanover organised by a group of Bristolians blossomed into a rich and long-lasting friendship between the two cities which endures to this day.

The town-twinning between Bristol and Hanover was one first British-German town partnerships following the second world war, and was initiated by the cities' citizens.

In 1947, news of the harsh winter that had descended in Hanover reached Bristol. Due to the harsh conditions in Hanover, many children  were unable to attend school due to lack of shoes. The people of Bristol collected shoes which were subsequently taken to Hanover by a good-will mission led by Bristol-based German professor August Closs and a group of prominent Bristol citizens. 

A year later, the Bristol-Hannover Council was founded with the reciprocal Hannover-Bristol Society founded in 1952. To this day there are active cultural and social exchanges between the cities.

Bristol Hannover Council


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Challenge and opportunity in furthering British-German understanding

Bristol and Hanover have been twinned since 1947

The British-German Association in cooperation with Bristol-Hannover Council celebrate their 70th anniversary on Friday, 12 May with a conference at Bristol City Hall followed by a reception at Bristol Harbour Hotel.