Ambassador Ammon's speech at memorial service commemorating 100th anniversary of the Upper North Street School bombing

16 June 2017
HM The Queen with Ambassador Peter Ammon

"Remembrance of the tragic events of our past defines our present and our future."

On 15 June, Ambassador Ammon attended a memorial service in presence of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the bombing of Upper North Street School (now Mayflower Primary School).

Read Ambassador Ammon's speech in full below.

Ambassador Ammon's speech at All Saints Church, Poplar

We commemorate today the tragic event 100 years ago when 18 children and many others lost their lives in one of the first German air attacks on London in the First World War.

An event like this gives my work as the German Ambassador to the United Kingdom a special meaning.

Most of all, it shows, that friendship can grow out of hatred and tragedy, and we should not give up working to overcome divisions between people today, however hard and almost impossible it may appear.

Today the UK and Germany are close partners and friends, and will remain so, despite our diverging perspectives on Europe.

In 1917 the United Kingdom and Germany were at war. Everyday thousands of young soldiers were dying in the fields of Flanders or the skies above it.

But it was this tragic attack on this School which changed and shaped public awareness of the consequences of war.

Remembrance of the tragic events of our past defines our present and our future.

We should never be careless with our memories.

Laying flowers at the Angel memorial today, we think of the 18 children, who lost their lives, and the families they left behind, as well as all those who were affected or suffered as a result of the attack.

Let this remembrance be reason enough for us to continue to work hard to promote peace and friendship.

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