Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933

23 June - 15 October 2017 | Tate Liverpool
Otto Dix, Reclining Woman on a Leopard Skin 1927 (Liegende auf Leopardenfell) 1927

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933

Private drawings by German artist Otto Dix will go on display for the first time in the UK, alongside works from photographer August Sanders from 23 June at the Tate Liverpool. The drawings shed a new light on the artist who was known for his harshly realistic depictions of war and society.

Alongside drawings and a children's picture book which will be brought to the UK for the first time, the exhibition also features Dix's more familiar paintings and watercolours and etchings.

Dating from 1922, a mere four years after Dix served in the German army during the First World War, these previously unseen and uncharacteristically playful works provide a stark contrast to Dix's depiction of German life.

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