Screening of ‘Wild’ at the Goethe-Institut London

29 March 2017, 7pm | Goethe-Institut, London

Screening of ‘Wild’

Goethe-Institut London will be showing the recently released, daring and controversial film of director Nicolette Krebitz 'Wild' as part of its cinema programme on Wednesday, 29 March.

A grey non-descript city somewhere in Germany (actually Halle) is where IT-worker Ania follows a routine of work and occasional visits to her dying grandfather in the hospital.

With her sister moving away she is left to carry on her dull existence alone. But this changes one evening on her way home from work when she briefly makes eye contact with a wolf roaming on the edge of town.

The close encounter with the wild animal instantly stirs something in Ania that she instantly embraces. From now on everything is clear.

Driven by a new sense of purpose she does everything to capture the wolf, while cutting herself loose from all social ties and conventions.

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