German artist Stephan Balkenhol's works on display in London

17 March - 22 April 2017 | Stephen Friedman Gallery, London
Stephan Balkenhol, Figurines, painted wawa wood

Stephan Balkenhol

German artist Stephen Balkenhol’s ninth exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery dedicated to exploring figuration in contemporary art is on display in London till 22 April. His sculptures portray normality, creating timeless, relatable and instantly recognisable figures, marked by reserved facial expressions.

Balkenhol began making the figurative sculptures for which he is known in the 1980s as a response to the turn towards the abstract, minimalist and conceptual approaches of the 1970s. This placed the figure at the centre of his practice, and he has since added animals, hybrid creatures, landscapes and architecture to his vocabulary.

Over his career Balkenhol has come to create what amounts to an encyclopaedia of the figure, re-presenting his instantly recognisable forms as busts, torsos, reliefs, groups in mini and maxi (under and over-proportional) size.

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