Think German Network (TGN) Initiative

Think German Networks

To promote the German language and the culture of German-speaking countries the Think German Network (TGN) initiative has been established by German Departments at universities across the United Kingdom in collaboration with the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies and numerous British and German as well as Austrian and Swiss institutions.

About the Think German Network (TGN) Initiative

Currently eleven individual TGNs offer German language and culture opportunities across the United Kingdom, interconnecting academic institutions, schools, cultural organisations and businesses on local, national and international levels.

TGN Partners

The Think German Networks are supported by the Embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany, of Austria and Switzerland in close collaboration with a number of other partner institutions.

Local German Networks - Find the nearest Think German Network

Currently eleven individual TGNs are operating across the United Kingdom. With the help of our map you can view their location and contact details.

Actress Katja Riemann

Highlights: Projects and Events

The TGNs and initiative partners offer a wide range of opportunities across the United Kingdom in connection with German language and culture in German-speaking countries.

Ten reasons to learn German

10 good reasons to learn German

Looking for reasons to learn German? Here are ten great reasons why you definitely should do!

Herta Müller in 2011

German language winners of the Literature Nobel Prize

German language authors from a range of European countries have produced a huge number of important works throughout the centuries. Since first being awarded in 1901, the prestigous Nobel Literature Prize has been awarded to a a range of German language authors. From Theodor Mommsen to Herta Müller, here is an overview over those presented with the famous award for their German language works.

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