In Focus: Germany's federal states

Germany has 16 federal states

In Focus: Germany's federal states

The historical town of Lorch on the banks of the river Rhine

Germany's 16 Federal States

Germany consists of 16 federal states, or Bundesländer, which have very different landscapes stretching from the North and Baltic Seas to the Alps. Historically a variety of dialects and traditions have evolved, which make each and every state individual. The following is a brief introduction to the 16 Länder.

Marina in the Media Harbor (Medienhafen) in Dusseldorf, Germany

German City and Regional Profiles

Looking to visit somewhere new on your next trip to Germany? Check out our city profiles - whether you prefer tucking into Currywurst in Berlin, or dancing in a carnival parade in Düsseldorf, you're bound to find something for you. Updated each month.

Federal state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf

Federalism deeply rooted in tradition

Germany is a federation that consists of 16 federal states and the central government. States have their own parliaments and specific areas of responsibility such as schools, culture and internal security. This federal system represents the country's decentral cultural and economic structure and is deeply rooted in tradition.

Market square in Torgau

Eastern states mark 500 years of Reformation

Foreign guests have long ago discovered the appeal of the five former eastern federal states. This year they play a major role when it comes to marking the 500th anniversary of Reformation.

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Germany's Top Tourist Attractions

Heidelberg Castle

View the Top 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Germany, as voted for by visitors to Germany. The 2016 list includes picturesque Heidelberg Castle and old quarter, Neuschwanstein Castle, Europa Park and many more.

Wine regions

The Rhine at Bacharach

Germany is well known for its delicious white wines, especially Riesling, but there is much more to it. Few know, for example, that Germany also produces a great variety of red wines. Here is an overview of Germany's thirteen wine growing regions.

Martin Luther and the Reformation

Statue of Martin Luther in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

In 2017 we mark 500 years of Reformation. Here we look at the life and work of Martin Luther, his translation of the bible, the ‘sites of the Reformation’ and more.