What documents do I need for a short stay/ Schengen visa?

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Which documents do I need?

Please always bring the original plus one photocopy of all documents mentioned below. Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Basic requirements

  • A passport with at least two blank pages and residence permit for the UK, both valid for at least three months longer than intended return date. Please note that only passports that have been issued (not extended!) within the past ten years can be endorsed with a visa.
  • Visa application form with colour photo (see link on the right hand side for application form and further information on passport photos)
  • new: Additional Information sheet to be signed [pdf, 309.19k]
  • Confirmed return airline/ferry/train ticket
  • A travel health insurance covering at least € 30,000 and valid for all member states of Schengen
  • Proof of address in UK (i.e. utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill, pension certificate
  • Previous passports and visas

In addition to the above, you will also need:

  • Visitor Visa (visiting family/friends)

    • From your host in Germany:  recent, informal signed invitation letter, passport photocopy and photocopy of German residence permit if applicable. OR a formal obligation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung). This sponsor letter can be obtained at the local town office/authority in Germany (Auslaenderbehoerde)
    • Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay e.g. recent bank statement or traveller cheques.  We cannot accept Travel Money Cards nor cash
    • Confirmation letter of employment / student status / unemployment / pension, that must be recent, in original and signed!
    • If you are financially supported by your spouse (you do not work yourself) please also provide your marriage certificate, spouse's passport and bank statements
  • Tourist Visa (sightseeing, travelling the country)

    • Confirmed hotel bookings covering all your stay in the Schengen countries
    • Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay, e.g. recent bank statement or traveller's cheques. We cannot accept Travel Money Cards nor cash
    • Evidence of occupation/student status, i.e. original, recently signed letter from your employer / school / university
    • If you are financially supported by your spouse, i.e. you do not work yourself, please also provide marriage certificate, spouse's passport and bank statements
  • Business Visa (on behalf of your employer, e.g. consulting, training, meeting, audit)

    • Original, recent and signed formal invitation from German business partner, confirming the kind of business relations, travel purpose, duration of business trip(s) and if applicable, a confirmation to cover travel expenses and costs of stay occurring
    • Original, recent and signed employer’s letter, confirming duration of employment, business relations with German company, travel purpose, duration of business trip(s) and if applicable a guarantee to cover all travel expenses including travel health insurance
    • If you are financially supported by your wife/husband, i.e. you do not work yourself please also provide your marriage certificate and your spouse's bank statements
    • PLEASE NOTE: we neither accept business letter photocopies/scans nor emails
    • Should you go on a business trip within the same company, we STILL request a separate letter from each office, UK and Germany
  • Spouse/child/parent of a European Union Citizen

    Spouse/child/parent of a European Union Citizen that hold a "Residence Card of a Family Member of an EU Citizen" OR "Residence Card of a Family Member of an EEA National" OR "Permanent Residence Card" and wish to apply for a Schengen visa nevertheless, will need to provide the following documents only:

    Please note: if you intend to travel on your own at any time you must apply for a regular business, visitor or tourist visa, whichever applies. Regular visa fee will apply

    • original EU/EEA-national's passport + copy
    • applicant's passport + copy
    • proof of relationship e.g. original marriage, birth certificate + copy
    • address of stay in Germany
    • Schengen visa application form with one passport size photograph
  • Minors (under 18 years of age)

    • Separate application form for each child
    • Application must be signed by both parents unless one parent has sole custody or a residence order for the minor (proof thereof to be submitted, e.g. court order, adoption documents, sole custody certification).
    • Original passports from both parents and copy
    • Original birth certificate of each child and copy

    Important Travel Notice for minors: We strongly recommend to always bringing a declaration/letter of consent signed by both parents authorising the minor to travel and stay in Schengen territory and appointing a person that will be responsible for them while travelling

Additional documents may be required at any time

The holder of a Schengen Visa is still subject to immigration control and is not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries 

Please click here for visa fees.

Visa application form

Please click here to fill in the visa application form.

Additional Information sheet

Please download the pdf, read carefully and sign.

Visa enquiries at the Embassy in London

For general enquiries regarding Schengen visa and appointment please contact VFS.

Tel: 0871 376 2101 (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm)

Email: vfshelpline%27%com,info%27%schengen

Internet: www.vfsglobal.com/germany/uk

For enquiries regarding residence permits please contact the visa section on: 0207 8241 466, Monday - Thursday 1.30pm–3.30pm. Please note that no information on visa application status or result can be given.

Visa enquiries at the Consulate General in Edinburgh

General information concerning passport and visa matters can be found on our website. Telephone consultations are only for complex and specific queries, where no answer could be found online. Enquiries by phone can be made by calling 0131 337 23 23 Mondays to Thursdays: 2pm-3pm, Fridays: 8am-9am.

Passport photos

Passport Photos

Please read the passport photo requirements carefully before submitting your passport application.