Other consular services

Notes on applying for confirmation of German nationality

Other consular services

Vater mit Kindern

Acknowledgement of paternity

If the father of the child is not mentioned on the child’s birth certificate then a formal acknowledgement of paternity is usually needed.

Counterfeit goods

Be aware - Counterfeit goods

Each year millions of tourists are falling for cheap copies of labels. The assumed bargain often turns out to be a cruel boomerang. Apart from the danger that many of these products contain health threatening ingredients, there is also the risk of violating the law.

Holocaust Memorial Berlin

Compensation for Holocaust victims

Information on compensation payment for "Child Survivors" of the Holocaust.

Symbolfoto EU-Führerschein

Driving licence

Information on obtaining a new German or international driving licence, as well as the validity of German driving licences in the UK.


Immigration and registration

UK/EU citizens may enter Germany freely for up to three months to look for work, or to set themselves up in business.


Marriages in Germany & related matters

Information on marriages in Germany

Taking pets

Taking pets to Germany

Information on travelling to or through Germany with dogs, cats and other pets.

Residence requirements

Residence requirements eased for non-EU citizens studying in Germany

Under the Residence Act of 1 January 2005, non-EU nationals who have obtained a degree or equivalent from a German university can stay on in Germany for one more year to look for employment.


Vehicle De-Registration in Germany

Information on re-registering vehicles in the UK, as well as de-registering with the German authorities.

Finding work

Finding work

In accordance with the free movement of goods and people EU citizens have the right to live and work in other EU countries without the need for a work permit.

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