Marriages in Germany & related matters


Marriages in Germany

If you would like to get married in Germany, please contact the registry office at your or your fiancé(e)'s residence in Germany.

If neither you or your fiancé(e) live in Germany, the application for the marriage has to be filed with the registrar's office where you intend to marry.

The registrar's office will tell you which documents are required for your marriage in Germany. In many cases, foreign documents need to be translated or / and legalised. The Embassy does not provide any translation service.

If you are not a resident in Germany, you will probably be required to produce a certificate from the United Kingdom called "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis". You can obtain this certificate from your local registry office at the place of your residence in the United Kingdom. Please request a certificate of non-impediment to marriage.

A British person marrying a German spouse can only acquire German nationality by naturalisation. Please contact for further information about this.

Normal requirements before German nationality is granted include a good knowledge of the German language and residence in Germany. From abroad, naturalisation is only possible in cases of a public interest in this naturalisation, for instance if ancestors were deprived of their German citizenship within the period of 30.01.1933 until 08.05.1945, or if the person is a well-known scientist.

The British Nationality Act 1981, rescinded the right of a non British citizen married to a British citizen after 1 January 1983, to apply for British Nationality as a result of that marriage. However, after fulfilling certain residential qualifications in the UK, the non-British spouse may apply for British citizenship.

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"Married name" declaration/ Name declaration for civil partners


The name of a German national does not change automatically by marriage. If no name declaration is made (e.g. if you got married in the UK) the name has not changed and each spouse still bears the same name as before the marriage.

Registration of a marriage


German law does not require the registration of a marriage concluded abroad of a German national at a German authority. However you can apply for a German marriage certificate if you wish.