Consular Fees



Please note that due to the fluctuating Euro/Pound exchange rate, fees can vary slightly

German Embassy London:

Fees can be paid in cash (GBP) or by credit card (no debit cards). American Express cannot be accepted. Payments by credit card will be charged in Euro.

German Consulate General Edinburgh:

Fees must be paid in cash (GBP).

Passport fees

Children's passport


under 24 years


24 years or over


Additional express fee


Temporary (Provisional) Passport


Further information regarding passports can be found here.

ID Card fees

ID cards for persons up to the age of 16


ID cards for persons between the ages of 17 and 24


ID cards for persons above the age of 24


Click here for further information regarding ID Cards.

Visa fees

Schengen visa: €60.00 (payable in British Pounds GBP only)


  • Children under six years of age, school pupils, students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips  as well as researchers (when travelling for research purpose only) will be exempt from the visa fee by all Schengen states regardless of their nationality
  • Spouses/children/parents of EU/EEA/EFTA nationals that are eligible for a EU-family member visa are exempt from the visa fee
  • If you are a citizen of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia or Ukraine the visa fee is reduced (€35)
  • Visa fee for children age 6 to 12 is reduced (€35)

Residence permit fee:

Adult: €75.00

Minor (under 18): €37.50

Please note the following:

The fee is fixed in Euro (€) but payable in British Pounds (GBP) only. Current fees stand at:


if the euro fee is €60


if the euro fee is €35


if the euro fee is €30


if the euro fee is €75


if the euro fee is €37,50

Click here for further information regarding visas.

Other fees

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