Culture and Sports

Visitors at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich

German Culture

There are numerous sides to cultural life in Germany: around 300 theatres, 130 professional orchestras, 630 art museums just to name a few numbers. Germany is a major book nation with around 94000 new books and re-editions each year. Here you can find out more about the diverse cultural scene in Germany.

Berlin – London: Contemporary Art by Women

Latest Cultural News

Find all the latest updates on German cultural life, preservation of cultural heritage, as well as exhibitions by German artists taking place in the UK.

Anne-Sophie Mutter

Music and Literature

Germany’s reputation as a musical nation is still based on names like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Handel and Richard Strauss. Students from around the world flock to its music academies, music lovers attend the festivals – from the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth to the Donaueschingen Festival of Contemporary Music.

German Historical Museum in Berlin

Art and Architecture

The museum world is of quite unparalleled quality – featuring 500 art museums with diverse internationally renowned collections. Young German painting is equally vibrant, and has long since been part of the international scene.

Models during the 'Potsdam Now' fashion show in January 2015

Fashion and Design

Both fashion and design have a long tradition in Germany, and have enjoyed international attention. From design classics of the Bauhaus era to world-famous fashion designers, here is a selection of the exciting world of design in Germany.


Film and Theatre

Germany has a distinct theatre world, a well-established network of state, municipal, travelling, and private theatres. As for cinema, you can read our overview from the pioneering early works to present day box-office hits.