Martin Luther and the Reformation

In October 2017 we mark 500 years of Reformation. Here we look at the life and work of Martin Luther, his translation of the bible, the ‘sites of the Reformation’ and more.

800 Luther statues are displayed on Wittenberg's main square

Events to mark 500 years of Reformation

In 2017 it is not only 500 years of Reformation we are celebrating, but the role it played in the development of the modern age. What started in Wittenberg in the 16th century changed Germany, Europe and the whole world. It is the global influence of Reformation that will be at the heart of the anniversary celebrations, and will be showcased through several exhibitions across the globe.

Statue of Martin Luther in Dresden

Who was Martin Luther?

Ninety-five theses, allegedly nailed to the wooden door of Wittenberg’s castle church in 1517, became one of the main symbols for the Protestant Reformation. Their author was a German theologian: Martin Luther. 500 years on, we take a closer look at the life of this important figure of German history.

A "Lutherbibel"

How Luther's translation of the Bible changed the German language

Whilst laying low at Wartburg Castle, Luther turned his attention to translating the bible from Greek to German. In doing so, he produced a seminal literary work which played a significant role in creating a modern German language.

Wartburg Castle in Eisenach

Sites Of The Reformation

The towns and places upon which Martin Luther left his mark during the Reformation are many and varied. At these sites of the Reformation, which include two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visitors can follow in Luther's footsteps and experience history first hand.

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Lutheran Council of Great Britain website

The website by the Lutheran Council of Great Britain, known as the Council of Lutheran Churches (CLC) marking 500 years of Reformation contains events, news as well as information on the significance of Martin Luther.

German National Tourist Board website

The website of the German National Tourist Board offers a colourful collection of exhibitions, festivals and concerts taking place across Germany, as well as videos including a 360-degree tour of places associated with Luther.