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The historical town of Lorch on the banks of the river Rhine

Germany's 16 Federal States

Germany consists of 16 federal states, or Bundesländer, which have very different landscapes stretching from the North and Baltic Seas to the Alps. Historically a variety of dialects and traditions have evolved, which make each and every state individual. The following is a brief introduction to the 16 Länder.

Marina in the Media Harbor (Medienhafen) in Dusseldorf, Germany

German City and Regional Profiles

Looking to visit somewhere new on your next trip to Germany? Check out our city profiles - whether you prefer tucking into Currywurst in Berlin, or dancing in a carnival parade in Düsseldorf, you're bound to find something for you. Updated each month.

Collegiate church and Castle of Quedlinburg

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany

Germany's 42 UNESCO World Heritage sites range from historical buildings and cathedrals to exceptional natural landscapes and even whole towns. You can find a wealth of information on the sites in Germany.

Happy Easter!

Holidays and Seasons

Many traditions and customs are limited to either the whole country, or a particular region of Germany, whereas others are celebrated throughout western Europe or even parts of the world. Have a look at some holidays and the traditions that accompany them.

Make it in Germany

Make it in Germany

Should you be interested in working in Germany, there is a website designed to answer any enquiry you might have called “Make it in Germany,” which combines all the relevant information for how to structure a career and a life in Germany in one place.

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German National Tourist Board


The official website of the German National Tourist Board has all you need to plan your next trip.